Since we’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot this year,  I thought I’d reflect upon my fondness for beer…

My fate was sealed 448 years before I was even born; in 1516 the beer purity law was enacted in Germany. If you add the digits in 1516 together you get 13 (1+5+1+6=13). 13 happens to be my favourite number, as well as the number I wore for most of the seasons that I played baseball. During the few seasons that I didn’t wear 13, I wore either 5 or 8. Those of you who are mathematically inclined will notice that 5+8 = 13 = 1+5+1+6. I never stood a chance. I also got married on the 13th.

So, as much as I tried to resist the siren song of the hops, I’ve been pre-destined to love beer. Numbers don’t lie. Plus, you know, Canadian, eh.