The image above was taken at Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Check ’em out, they make some fantastic beers.

This is my craft beer blog. I am not a beer expert, I just happen to like craft beer a lot. In my professional life I’m an Information Management consultant (my work website). I decided to blend my work and my fondness for craft beer.

I’ve joined CAMRA Alberta┬áin November 2016, because I believe in craft beer and want to do what I can to support the industry. In may 2017 I became President of CAMRA Alberta. I’m looking forward to working with CAMRA Alberta, and advocating for craft beer consumers and producers, in Alberta and throughout Canada if I can.

There will be beer related pictures and beer reviews. But I don’t know what I’m doing so I’ll be keeping reviews pretty simple. There’ll likely be beer industry news related thoughts here as well. And humour because I can’t really seem to take things too seriously for too long.

Oh, just because you see a particular beer on this site doesn’t mean I endorse it; it just means I’ve tried it at least once.