Pictures of beers I have consumed with comments when I can remember what I thought. Sometimes a picture of something not beer, but beer related, might sneak in. Things on this page are in whatever order I think they should be in. Don’t try to understand the logic, there isn’t any.

Pictured above are:

  1. Red Racer IPA from Central City in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  2. Blacksmith from Village Brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  3. Castaway IPA from Kona Brewing in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
  4. Hopbot IPA from Hop City Brewing in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Wild Rose - High Harvest IPA

Because everyone needs a vessel that holds 650ml / 22oz in a single pour. Especially handy for bottle conditioned beers.

The pictured beer is Wild Rose’s High Harvest Hemp IPA. The only thing bad about this beer is that it’s a seasonal. It is my favourite Wild Rose beer.


Gettin’ my beer education on at National on 10th. Great way to while away a few Sunday hours. Beer education courtesy of CAMRA Alberta.


Houblon Chouffe, from Brasserie d’Achouffe in Belgium, is a seriously fantastic IPA. And the mussels were pretty tasty too. Date night at 722.

FYI – “houblon” is French for hop. Hops are a key ingredient in beer, you know. I think “chouffe” means gnome. Gnomes are not used in beer production, except as labour where not prohibited by law.


Awesome label, awesomer beer; Ransack the Universe from Collective Arts.


Great labelling and colours. Sometimes I really dig these variety and collaboration packs, sometimes not so much. Fat Tire, Fat Hoppy, and Fat Pale were all very good. The others …

10 Beers

10 beers, 10 breweries, 7 styles (sorta), not a bad one in the bunch. Sorted left to right in order of favourite to not quite as favourite.

  1. The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA – Fernie
  2. Hop Yard Red Ale – Persephone (scroll a bit, not far)
  3. West Coast Pale Ale – Postmark
  4. Summertime (and the Living is easy) – Dandy
  5. Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA – Phillips
  6. West Coast IPA – Bad Tattoo
  7. West Coast IPA – Old Yale
  8. Tangerine Dream – 4 Mile (Beerendipitous as I didn’t know I was grabbing a wheat ale).
  9. IPA – Red Collar
  10. I’m So Freakin’ Hoppy (seriously awesome name and label) – Arrowhead

Aw, man! I just realized I forgot to add the locations of the breweries. Whatevs. 9 are in British Columbia, the other’s  in Albeerta. 🙂

Last Best - Show Pony at Stampede

If you took your beer to a rave this is probably what it would look like. Show Pony Pale Ale from Last Best – a pretty tasty ale.

Village Brewery - Tour 03

Tasting room at Village Brewery, taken during the tour I went on. Those funny looking glasses belong to a bunch of people, known as the Beer Barons, that got involved with getting Village off the ground. Someone theorized that the size of the glass is related to how much the owner invested. Personally, I think it’s related to how much beer they can drink in one sitting.

Phillips - Electric Unicorn and Nitzas Pizza

Electric Unicorn White IPA (not bad) from Phillips and a #16 with red onions from Nitza’s (some say the best pizza in St. Albert). Electric Unicorn – seems like it should be the official beer of Silicone Valley.

Tool Shed - Beeramid

It’s a #beeramid from Tool Shed.

Parallel 49 - Brews Bros vol2 Collage

Due to a packaging error I only got 11 different beers, but Parallel 49 made up for it with a t-shirt which my son wants. Pretty cool collaboration pack.

IRMS2016 Peroni

This beer is from Italy, I drank it in the UK during a fancy dinner at a conference I was attending. The conference was in the same city as the pub in which I took the dog picture farther down this page.

Bent Stick

I ENDORSE THIS BEER: Holy crap!!! The guys at Bent Stick make some awesome, friggin’ beer. Neither of these is an IPA, but these are two of my favourite new beers this summer. I’ve heard they’re hard to find, but I picked them up at Lacombe Park Spirits in St. Albert.

AIIM2016 NOLA - Happy's Patio

Eventually I’ll figure out how to do this selfie thing. This is on the patio at Happy’s in New Orleans. I was there for the 2016 AIIM conference.

Home Made Variety Pack

It’s like a family picture if your family were beer. Beers in this picture are: Imperial Red – Steamworks; West Coast IPA – Bad Tattoo; Last Cast Summer IPA – Fernie; Devil’s Elbow IPA – Howe Sound; Arrogant Bastard – Arrogant; I’m So Freaking Hoppy – Arrowhead; Lone Bison IPA – Ribstone Creek; Filthy Dirty IPA – Parallel 49. Arrogant Bastard and Devil’s Elbow would be my two favourites from this bunch, though they’re all pretty good.

IRMS2016 Blue Moon

Blue Moon – it’s a sleepy beer (it was a long night) and a great song by the Marcels. It’s also the cause of my Belgian Moon confusion.

Driftwood - Twenty Pounder Double IPA

That’s not even close to twenty pounds, but it is a really good Double IPA. Not only does Driftwood brew some excellent beers, they have really cool labels.

Molson-Coors - Belgian Moon - A Mistake

I had this one by mistake and that’s all I’ll say about it. No, I didn’t think that Belgian Moon had something to do with Jean Claude van Damme’s butt.

Hop Pellets

These are hop pellets. They look like weird alien poo. I ate one. That was stupid.

IRMS2016 Pub Dog

That’s not a beer! No, that’s a dog. But I took the picture while I was drinking a beer in the Cricketers. The Cricketers is the oldest pub in Brighton, UK, it was established in 1547. For what it’s worth, the dog could probably fit into a beer stein as long as it’s one of those gigantic ones they use at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Last Best - Entrance

This is a portal to beer. Much glorious beer. And decent food, I’m told. Check out Last Best if you’re in Calgary and like beer.

Russell - Punch Bowl IPA

Punchbowl IPA from Russell Brewing was a pretty decent beer. Based on the 2015-2016 season they had, I should probably not be using the Montreal Canadiens mug. Oh well, I’m sure this coming season will be better.

Tree Brewing - Trappist Monkey
Enter a caption

Trappist Artist and Monkey Pod from Tree Brewing. I got excited and didn’t let them chill properly, so they weren’t that good at first. Patience is a virtue – once properly chilled they were pretty good. If you mixed them together would you have a Trapped Monkey?

Molson - Export Stubby

The beer that started it all, oh so many years ago while growing up in Montreal. “Stubby”, FYI, refers to the bottle. Get your mind out of the gutter.